Sebring Six Automobile Company
idle for several years until the Sebring decided to dabble in the production
of cars.  In 1912, "The Sebring Six," a car ahead of its time, was produced
near Sebring, Ohio.  It had a center of gravity lower than any other car on
the market.  It was comparatively high priced at $2,750.  Built by Jim Gwin
When the Buckeye Drop Forging Corp. closed in 1906, the plant remained
idle for several years until the Sebring decided to dabble in the production
and Bob Allen, the car was backed by O.H. Sebring and B.H. Sebring. 25
cars  were built in the Old Forge Works building. A revised Sebring Six
was driven by Joe Cooper and  Louie Peoz, sponsored by Ed Myers in
the       Indianapolis Speedway Races.  Cooper lost his life     in a wreck in
Des Moines, Iowa while racing.  The        Big Six, another model designed
by Jim Gwin, sold for $3,500; only one was made.  The test run went to
Coney Island.  It had tufted leather seats and a hand buffed top.  It was a
touring car, covered merely with what now would be considered an
awning, and now are called phaetons.
Sebring Ohio Historical Society
126 North 15th Street
Sebring, Ohio 44672
Strong Manufacturing Company
Originally opened in Bellaire, Ohio, Oliver and Orville
Sebring convinced Thomas L. Strong to move his plant to
Sebring, Ohio as there were no saloons here, which he
disliked.  The company manufactured enameled cooking
utensils and light reflectors from 1903-1930. It was built on
West California avenue in 1912, with 75,000 square feet of
floor space.  About 40 families moved from Bellaire to
Sebring.  They also enameled stove parts and Made General
Electric and Westinghouse lines.  It employed about 175
people at this stage. In 1921, O.H. Sebring determined that the
Strong Manufacturing Company should product aluminum
kitchen utensils.  He bought a plant in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
and moved the equipment to Sebring.  The competition was
tough, and he ended the line.  Oliver H. Sebring bought
Strong's shares in  1921, and renamed the business Sebring
Manufacturing Company by combining Strong's, French China
and Saxon China in 1929. It was reorganized in 1932 and
given the same name. Closed in the early 1950's leaving
1,100 unemployed.
East Ohio Machinery
Sales engineering firm destroyed by fire January 21, 1961.
Employed 32 people.
R.M.Strain General Contracting Company
sons Charles and John (Jack), which did repair work on
Ruskin McCausland Strain founded this company with his
homes and potteries in 1935.  Changed names to R.M.Strain
and Sons General Contractors.  Later, Jack moved on and the
name was changed again to R.M. Strain and Son Plumbing
and Heating.  The business was eventually sold to Bruce
Originated in East Liverpool, Ohio, Gem Clay came to
Sebring, Ohio in 1907.  Founded by E.C. Albright, president;
B.H. Greene, Vice president; and H. D. Weaver, secretary
and treasurer.  The first plant to use electric power
exclusively.  Made gas mantle rings, light housings and
electrical porcelains.  Burned to the ground in 1908, it was
rebuilt between Georgia and California avenue and 15th and
16th streets.
Buckeye  Building and Loan Association
Frank Sebring was the first president, and Will H. Sebring
was the secretary. Started in 1899 with $100,000 original
Capital Stock.  Stock shares paid 6% per annum.  
Pass-book savings plans also paid 6%.  Established in
1899.  Was able to stay open during the depression.  
Merged with Midland Savings and Loan Association of
Alliance, which fell during the 1980's S & L scandals. In
1925 moved to North 15th Street.  Renamed Citizens
Banking Company in 1919.
S. E. McKee's Newsstand
Founded just before 1900 and built in one day, it continued
until 1910, when it was sold to Mr. Sickman, and sold again
one year later by L. K. Deemer and sons.
Deemer's Newsstand
On North 15th Street, and owned by Ralph and Cecil
Deemer.  Started home delivery in 1912 and covered by the
two Deemers themselves.  Eventually 9 boys and 2 girls were
required to do the routes.
Biery Brothers Livery Barn
In and old red livery barn, located on West Oregon Avenue
and thrived until the advent of the automobile.  Was also the
home of D.I. Miller, E.M. Stanley and O.H. Murphy Liveries.
Leonard Hardware
H. G. Leonard started operating as a plumbing business in
from a box car which was then the Sebring depot.  He
deposited his load in an open field.  Soon a structure arose.  
The two storied hardware store opened on July 19, 1900. It
operated for a short time in builders' supplies.   Built by H. G.
Leonard on North 15th Street, and still exists today.  L. R.
Emmet Lee was the first Sebring manager.  By 1902, he
formed a partnership with E.B. Fritchman and Clark  R.
Oesch.  In 1904, Sumner Oesch succeeded his brother Clark.  
The business was incorporated in 1918.  The  President was
Leonard, Vice President was Fritchman and Sec/Treasurer
was Sumner Oesch.  Leonard sold his holdings and resigned
on October 21, 1930.  E.P. Coulter became the new Director.  
After many more changes of hand, Sumner Oesch purchased
all land and buildings for $10.005.00.  The Risbeck family
purchased the business in 1970.
White Palace Restaurant
Owners, Nick Papadeonise and Denis was
a restaurant and confectionery since that
date. It was operated by Nick and Tenca
Papadeonise, and later by their children,
George, Pearl, Mildred, and Jim
Papadeonise.  Located on the Northern
Owners, Nick Papadeonise and Denis side
of the Strand Theatre, it was a Atanas,
built the building in 1922, where it Atanas,
built the building in 1922, where it was a
restaurant and confectionery since that
date. It was operated by Nick and Tenca
Papadeonise, and later by their children,
George, Pearl, Mildred, and Jim
Papadeonise.  Located on the Northern
side of the Strand Theatre, it was a
must-stop-in after the movies next door.  It
was also a favorite place for the high
school crowd for confections and juke-box
Mike's Shu Renewery
Purchased by Carl Scarpitti in 1955.  Located on North noted
for repairing kid's baseball gloves for free.  New Shoes from
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Sebring Tire and Rubber Company
Established as a Corporation  9/15/1915, under president
H.D. Weaver.  Production in the plant got up to 500 tires per
day and continued until 1924 when it could no longer compete
with larger corporations.  Sebring tires were guaranteed for
5,000 miles.  The building was then occupied by Spaulding
China Company.
Sebring Container Company
Rented space in the Sebring Pottery Company in the 1940's.  
Made corrugated boxes and packaging.  Destroyed by fire
Jan. 21, 1961 when it had 31 employees.
The Alliance, Sebring and Salem Electric Railway Company
Established as a Corporation For Profit
June  06,  1899.
The Sebring Cooperage Company
Articles Of Incorporation filed Dec 20, 1902  It was
packing rooms.  The Sebring brothers obtained the latest
equipment and special machines to build their facility to
manufacture their shipping packages.  The timber came from
within a radius of from 10 to 15 miles, and was delivered
by horse teams and trucks. The average number of
employees was about 50. In 1917, they charged Saxon
China 73 cents for a 24 inch barrel.  C.L. Beebout was the
cooper foreman.
By 1904, O.H. Sebring and his son, B. H. became sole
owners until the close of the business in 1935.
Sebring Real Estate Company
Filed for Incorporation 11/23/1911. George Eugene Sebring,
first agent. It is the one story building on the far left.  This
building was razed and replaced by Midland-Buckeye.
Sebring Railroad Station
The Sebring Station was opened for business in August 1900.
In the heyday of steam there were eleven full time employees
and three part-time employees. In 1901, the station sold
27,000 round trip tickets to Alliance.  Frequently as many of
300 would be waiting to board a train stopping in Sebring.
Sebring Model Railroad Club
Opening its doors Jun 9, 1898, it was published at a pottery
plant, and was edited by L. M. Stanley.  He was an avid by
Chess Grove, a Linotype operator and printer. It was
originally printed in Beloit, Ohio.  The files were destroyed
in a fire in 1920.  It was a weekly publication.  It was sold to
Dick Jones, a popular man in the community, who was elected
mayor of Sebring during his ownership.  It was next owned by
M. E. Mehrten who built up the printing sales of the
J.E. Torbert operated the plant from 1919 until 1946, when he
and Alex Menges incorporated the Sebring Printing and
Publishing Company on the southwest corner of Ohio Avenue
and Fifteenth street.
Citizens Banking
The Citizens Banking Company has come a long way since
its origination in 1884. Nine directors were elected and
the bank opened on March 24, 1884, with four
employees.  Opened with great fanfare in 1912 on the
corner of North 15th Street and Ohio Avenue.  Founded by
Oliver H. Sebring.  F Opened at almost the same time as
Buckeye, and used the same facilities at the same time.
Closed October 7, 1931 to the effects of the stock market
crash of 1929.  It never reopened.
First National Bank
moved to a new  office.  Assets were now near a million
dollars.  Examiners of both institutions began to insist on the
separation of the two.
The name was used again to open a bank on February 7,
The Midland-Buckeye Federal
Savings and Loan Association
The Buckeye Building and Loan
merged with Midland Savings And
Loan Association of Alliance in the
Loan Association of Alliance in the
spring of 1938.  Assets were held at
$850,000.  Became a victim of the
1980's savings and loan scandals.
Hall Machine Works
Barclay Machine Company
Pennsylvania avenue under the name of Hall Machine Works.  
Here he did general machine work and blacksmithing for the
potteries.  It was he, with Orville Sebring, son of George E
Sebring, who built the first decalcomania machine and
installed it at the French China Company Plant.  After the John
F. Hall opened a machine shop in 1906 at 15th and
Pennsylvania avenue under the name of Hall Machine Works.  
Here he did general machine work and blacksmithing for the
potteries.  It was he, with Orville Sebring, son of George E
Sebring, who built the first decalcomania machine and
installed it at the French China Company Plant.  After the
installation, the decal girls went out on strike.  Hall  moved to
East Ohio avenue in 1916.  
Sebring Machine Tool and Die, Inc.
First opened July 23, 1945 on Michigan avenue.  It was
machine work and repairs and builds special equipment.  It
had acetylene and electric welding facilities, and specialized
in making of dies for the metal stamping industry.
Opened February 1, 1948 in the old French Pottery building.  
Operated a warehouse under the management of R.W. Starre.  
Farmers' Manufacturing Company
Established in the early days of Sebring, it made farm
implements.  They produced $75,000 in equipment in 1901 with
40 employees, but closed quickly.
H. Bettis Company
Part of the Greif Brothers Cooperage Corporation, it opened
in May, 1927, taking over the Columbiana Cooperage
Company at the corner of 12th street and Baugh avenue.  
Moved the shop to 17th and California avenue.  Opened a box
company once the cooperage closed.
Pennsylvania Railroad
Sebring opened a station in November, 1899.  The first
station was a box car until the depot was built in 1900.  Ed
Stanley was the first agent.  There were 11 full time and 3
part time employees in the station at the tracks on the
southeast side of 15th Street.  There was a watchman's tower
across 15th street who manually operated the crossing gates
when a train came.  Mailbags hung near the tracks so that
trains could retrieve them without stopping.  The Western
Union office was located in the depot until 1920.  By the mid
1960's, Sebring was no longer a railway stop.  In 1974, the
Sebring Model Railroad Club purchased the station and
moved it across the tracks to its present location of E.
Pennsylvania Avenue.
Replaced the Alliance horse drawn streetcars and founded in
in the nation, and was one of the last to survive.  Streetcar
operated through Sebring from 1903-1939 with 1/2 hour
service to Salem, Alliance and Canton.  On February 5, 1903.
Replaced the Alliance horse drawn streetcars and founded in
4, 1903 was the first car running from Alliance to Sebring.  
Rides were 10 cents each or 25 cents to ride all day.  The
largest volume day was in 1906 for the dedication of
McKinley Memorial in Canton.  Much ado was created about
winning out.  At its peak, it was part of the 2000 miles of
inter-city track in Ohio.  Taken over by Stark Transit
Company on July 15, 1939 with four passenger buses, and the
last streetcar came in at 10:30 p.m.  Car #42 made the last run.
Western Union Telegraph
first telegraph operator was Thomas Leydon.  They added
baseball tickers, telegraph clocks, money orders, teleprinters,
The first office was in the Pennsylvania railroad office.  The
Jamison Lumber company
The first lumber and builder's supply of record, began in
1899.  It was operated by Mr. Jamison of Lisbon, Ohio.  It
The Sebring Lumber Company
Henry who was the company driver and yard man.  It was
operated until 1944.  It was then purchased by the Mount
Union Lumber Company.   It was taken over by the Leonard
Hardware Company in 1900.
Carli Lumber Company
Harry, Ernest, Victor and Alfred Carli founded this lumber
section of the French China plant.  They moved to West Ohio
avenue, and built a new building on South 12th street in 1949
on an 18 acre plot.
Greenawalt began the first milk delivery, and continued until
Later in 1899, Ed Shreve delivered in Beloit and Sebring.  He
sold his business to Lester Boyle.  In 1913, L.L. Greenawalt
bought it and built a creamery near Westville, and named it
Purity Dairy. Milk at school came in small glass bottles with
a cardboard tab on the top.  It was 5 cents a bottle.  In 1924,
the creamery was sold to Alva N. Morley, and then was sold
to Orlan Denny.  Many others have followed in succession.
Other deliverers were H.M. Taylor, E.J. Taylor, Jacob
Warren, Earl 'Moe' Simpson and Jacob Courtney.
The Supreme Dairy of Alliance began delivering here in
1919.  In 1919 William Crutchley began a farm dairy and in
1948 distributed for Sunnyside Dairy.
Mrs Kibler and Mrs. Henry Hutmacher had a small herd of
cows and delivered unpasteurized milk for a few years.
Early milk deliveries were made with horse and wagon.   One
or two ten gallon cans were set on a platform in the front of
the wagon.  The milk was drawn from the can by a valve into
a quart measure or small can, carried to the doorstep and the
bell was rang.  The price was as low as five cents per quart.
Ice and Coal
For 45 years Ice was brought into Sebring from Alliance.  
furnished  by Orlan Stanley and Herbert Doyle from Company.
In 1927 J. W. Hoopes entered the ice and coal business.  It
was also delivered by the Palermo Brothers and Ira Wallace.
Sebring Hardware and Plumbing Company
May 15, 1923 was opening day.  It was incorporated by
George Windle, his son Earl C., and George Cardinal, who
left after five years.
George Cardinal and Sons
operated a plumbing business from 1919 to 1923.  He then
After working at Leonard Hardware, George Cardinal
co-founded the Sebring Hardware and Plumbing Company.  
He then opened a plumbing business of his own since 1927
with his sons Louis, George, Robert and Kenneth.
Allen Brothers Furniture
Sid.  It was located in the E.H. Sebring building.  John was
manager.  It then moved to the Katzenstein building in 1921
and he managed it until his death in 1943.  John Allen, Jr. then
operated it under the name of 'Allen's'.
Coffman and Yothers Furniture
Maurice Coffman and A.F. Yothers opened a retail
furniture store in 1923 at 125 West Ohio avenue.  It was
renamed Coffman furniture Store in 1942 by Maurice
Wonder Store
William (Bill) Stewart operated a furniture store in the late
teens and early twenties, first on the corner of Fifteenth and
Oregon.  He moved into the old livery barn in the rear of the
Oregon.  He moved into the old livery barn in the rear of the
building.  He was an unique character, formerly doing
religious with a creed of many 'original ideas', but always a
Edward Learch Jewelry
jewelry store.  Many others followed.
Catherine Falls Beauty Salon
Opened in the early 1920's, she opened the shop with her
daughter, Verda Drayer, who closed the shop about 1940.
Letta McBride Beauty Parlor
Opened on South 15th street, it opened July 1, 1929.  Other
shops included Mrs. Julia Haberland, in 1929; Bertha Meek,
'Black and Silver Beauty Parlor; Mary Vivian, in 1938; Miss
Dixon and Helen Reynolds.  Alice Togan opened a parlor in
the Ashton Store location and in 1903 was sold to William
Jones, who worked until 1940.  Other shop owners included
Mark Wise, H.L. McConnell, M.D. Jell Jacobs, F.O. Brooks,
Hugh Simpson, Victor Herold, Hugh Simpson, Jack Young,
Walter Buehlert, Jim Taylor and Edwin Seitz.
Stanley Garage
Sebring's first garage was operated by Emerson and Fred
selling then to Mr. Courtney who operated a Dodge agency.  
Then harry Peterson and his father sold Chevrolet cars.  
Peterson sold to Lyle Harris, who sold Model t Fords, which
he sold to Russ Courtney.  
Organized in 1916.  It was doubled in size in 1924 to sell
Model T fords by E.R. Coleman.  They sold Fords until 1925,
when they obtained the Chrysler and Plymouth agency.  They
sold the building and agency on November 8, 1947.  Willard
Batteries and Goodyear Tires.
Kuntzman Brothers
Operated and sold Chevrolet cars until 1935 when they sold
out to the Millner Motor Company.
Ohio Avenue Motor Company
On the corner of Ohio avenue and 16th street.  Operated by
William Stanley and Thomas Erb.  Later H.W. Carkshaw took
over Erb's interests.  Until 1931 they sold Willys-Overland,
Studebaker and Gardner.  47 cars were destroyed by fire in
Studebaker and Gardner.  47 cars were destroyed by fire in
1931 and the company closed.
Merrick Brothers
In 1924 began selling Oakland cars.  Later sold Pontiacs.
1912 and ran his business until 1943.
Turner Drug Company was operated by Tuck Turner of
alliance.  It was located at the corner of Ohio avenue and
Fifteenth Street.
Buckeye Drug was operated by Louis Hotchstettler, who
came to Sebring in 1900.  He sold the business to Milo
Mowery, who Sold to J.M. 'Jerry' Hazen, who in turn sold to
Paul Gromoll, who came from Canton in 1947.  Fred Gaunt
bought the business from Eunice Gromoll in 1979 and, in turn,
took Jerry Poorbaugh in as part owner.  When Fred retired in
1991 Jerry bought Fred's stock and became full owner.  He
sold the business to Jerry Poorbaugh, and it is now owned by
his son, Ray Poorbaugh.
Sebring had many groceries and markets, none of which
remain.  There was the Southside Market, Palermo and
Sharp, proprietors, the Cut Rate Market, owned by James
Charles, Quaker Hill Grocery, Tuel's West End Market,
Hitchcock Market, C & P market, Clyde Eastham's Market,
the Joe Calderone market, the Hartzell Market and the
Wilson Market.  An IGA was located on Oregon avenue.
The first grocery was operated by John B. Stackhouse and
two sons.  When they held their grand opening in 1900,  
they made $6.70 in sales.
Bowling Alleys
Ammon and Frank Metzel opened the first alley in 1901 or
1902 at 126 East Oregon avenue.  They had two alleys and
three pool tables.  After a couple of years, Charles Dawson
bought it, and then sold it to Burt 'Doc' Hosler and Clarence
Miller.  Ed Williams installed two bowling alleys in the
Katzenstein building.  These alleys were taken over by Jake
Cook and Walter Crewson.  Cook sold out to Crewson and a
third alley was installed.  Hosler and Miller dissolved
partnership and Crewson moved in with Hosler, and named
the alley Hosler and Crewson.  With new building, five alleys
were added.  In 1926 fire completely destroyed the bowling
alley building.  A new one was built with eight alleys.
Kuntzman's Roller Rink
When it was destroyed by fire in a few years, it was not
Kuntzman's Candy House
Next to high school on Indiana
In about 1922, Tom Akenhead started manufacturing ice
cream for the retail trade and small wholesaling.  It was so
good that several other retail outlets were opened.  In 1946 he
retired, and his son Robert bought the business. Home Made
Ice Cream is the Best.
H.R. Ewing came to Sebring in March 1900.  He worked for
the Sebring Land Company and conducted a general law
practice until his death in 1927.
Alvin Baker came in May 1901.
Donald Seipel came February 1927.  He took over Mr.
Ewing's practice.  Left for Canton in 1932.
John Reddy came to Sebring in 1932.  
H. L. Kattman came to Sebring in 1938.
Medical Doctors
The first physician was Dr. F.S. Haggart, coming here  and
put his office next to it.  He was also the first village clerk.
Dr. Crouse came to Sebring from Beloit in April 1900.  He
built a residence on the corner of Maryland and 16th street.
Dr. J.B. Klingensmith bought two lots on West Ohio avenue
on which he built his office and residence.  He practices until
his death in 1930.
Other Doctors in Sebring included Charles C. Jones, J. B.
Wilkinson, S. U. Sivon, G.Y. Davis, N. S. Reed, E. C.
Louthanm, O.J. Stevenson, L.C. Couchman, E.T. McCune, J.
H. Smith, Evan C. Fowler, and A.T. Atkinson.
Algernon Payne came to Sebring from Cleveland and opened
W. F. Sanford came in 1902 on the northeast corner of Ohio
and 15th street.  F. E. Little came in 1914.
Others included e. M. Sheehan, A.M. Overlander, L.E.
Curphey, J. M. Warren, and Roy E. Rock.
Funeral Services
The first undertaker was William Mooseman.  He moved to
Sebring in April 1910.  By 1918 the first motor ambulance
was used.  He took in two partners and the parlor was named
Mooseman-Vogt Funeral Home.
Grand Opera Company
Located on Oregon avenue and seated 1,000 with a balcony in
1902. Later became the
Strand Theatre.
Sebring Post Office
as they went through the village.  Began in the Sebring land
Company's offices.  First postmaster was Albright.  It was not
until 1913 that home delivery was established.  The next
postmaster was Henry M. Larkins, and his son William was
the assistant.  By 1909, it moved to the corner of Ohio avenue
current post office building was constructed in 1934.and 15th
street.  City delivery began March 1, 1912.  The
Public Library
A small brand of the Alliance public library was opened
during the depression and continued until April 1, 1948.
Carolyn Elliott and Mrs. J. E. Torbert were the librarians.  
Mahoning county cut the funds they had been paying to the
Alliance library for services and provided a large mobile
library once a week.
The new building was built in 1965 for $80,000 on the site of
George E. Sebring home.
Automobile Sales
Automobile sales included Millner Motors with Chevrolet,
Harding's sold Pontiac, Oroz's Sebring Motor sold Chrysler's
and Plymouth's and DiNiro handled Kaiser-Frazer cars.
Grandview Cemetery
formed and bought 35 acres from Edward Lamborn for
$6,500.  The cemetery opened in 1912. there was such a
demand for lots in Sebring in 1899 that the Alliance
Review reported lots selling for $500 to $1,000.  
January, 1911 the Sebring Cemetery Association was
Twenty percent had to be paid in cash, the rest in $10
installments monthly.
News article
Quaker Hill Cemetery
Ground was given to the Hicksite Quakers by Thomas
Dixson.  Hannah Trago was the first person buried in the
cemetery, then in the woods.
Sebring Local Schools
from the past to the present- the new 2001 high school.  The
first school building in Sebring was at the corner of 15th
street and Oregon Avenue, a one story gray wood structure
used in 1899 and 1900.  Next was the East Ohio Avenue
School, 1901-1938.  The Lincoln Building on Indiana Avenue
was first the high school, 1909-1923. Then a grade school
until 1967.  The McKinley Building was built in 1914 and
used as a grade school for 10 years.  In 1923, rooms were
added to the 6 room school, including a second floor and
auditorium, and it became Sebring McKinley High School.  
The gymnasium was added in 1937.  In 1955, the northeast
wing was added to the high school.  The gymnasium and
northeast wing have been incorporated into the new 2001 high
The Southside Elementary School was built in 1914, replaced
was bought by the city for its Civic Center when the Southside
students joined the Northside students in a new wing of the
1967 B.L. Miller elementary School on West Virginia Avenue.
Sebring, Ohio 1920's
Hotel Sebring
With its Queen Anne tower, it was a focal point of downtown
Sebring.  Located on the northwest corner of North 15th and
Oregon Avenue.  Burned in the late 1940's.
Maloney Company
Storm door manufacturing
Morgan Trailer
Assembled small camping outfits
Mural Stone
Made facing stone for houses.
Press Weld
Manufactured snow blowers and tractors.
First to move into the Sebring Industrial Park, made valves.
Had a plant in Sebring, built in 1965.
Sebring Engineering and Equipment Company
A seasonal engineering firm with three or four employees.
The Reflector
Sebring newsletter, began publishing in 1948.
City Hall
These three buildings served as the village government
offices for over 60 years.  The village hall located on the
right was built in 1906.  All were demolished in 1977 to
build the new City Hall.
Sebring Tire
Started by Don Springer in a small building behind a pizza
shop on the corner of 14th and Ohio Avenue.  In the early
1960's, built on 12th street, next to the railroad track.  Repair
cars and trucks as well as replace tires.
The Griffith Co.
We dress you from Tip to Toe.
Sebring Dry Cleaning Co.
Odorless Cleaning
W.A. Behlert
Barber Shop
C. B. Smith
Groceries and Meats
Eddie Howell's Sport Shop
H. R. Israel
Insurance Service
Model Dry Cleaners
Dry Goods Company, Oregon and 15th Streets, 1909
W. M. Santee

Smail's Furniture

Courtesy Chevrolet,
owned by Harold Smith
Allen's Furniture
The Home of Comfortable Beds
Sebring Bakery
C. P. Martin
Manhattan Dry Cleaning Co.
The Vogue
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
Sebring Shoe Shop
Andrew Sunday
Hall Machine Company
Machine Repairing Welding and Forging
John Shulie
Fine Watch Repairing
Prompt Service
Complete Line of Millinery
Mrs. J. Shuley
Courtney Motor Company
Authorized Ford Dealer
Hotchkiss Chevrolet Company
Chevrolet Six
Merrick Auto Sales
Oakland and Pontiac Big Six
Sebring Vulcanizing Company
Good Alemite Lubrication
The Best Groceries at the Lowest Prices.  Fancy groceries
and quality luncheon meats.  Bills due and payable every 2
weeks.  W. Virginia and 15th.
Quaker Hill Grocery
Cosmo Fierro, Prop.
Complete food store
502 New York Avenue.  Delivery.
Frank LeFevre
The Insurance and Real Estate Man
266 N. 15th.
Olin R. Shoal
Insurance in all Agencies
263 N. 15th.
Calderone's Market
Bob Vogel's
Sebring's Quality Clothier
Quaker City Foodliner
First opened by Fred Wizenecker and Bob Risbeck.  
Currently owned by Larry and Joyce Miller.  Business is for
Lee's Appliance
Sales and Service
129 West Ohio
French's Men's Wear
Quaker City Plaza
Bill Davis Ford
Picture from 11-4-1961
Bond Manufacturing.  Made ladders.
Sebring Style Center
229 North 15th Street.  Family Clothing.
North Sebring Coal Yard
TwinKiss Drive-In
Russell Hughes refreshment stand
12th street.  Had all the root beer you could drink for free.
Cope Orchards
As one of the many farms surrounding the town of Sebring,
Cope Orchards grew and sold fruit and vegetables to the
townspeople and those in the surrounding areas.  It was in
operation many years, owned and operated by the Kenneth
Cope family.  It was eventually donated for a retirement
Community to be built on Cope's land, thus the community
Copeland Oaks.  Copeland Oaks continued to keep the
orchard and farm for their use.  The storage building still
stands on the east side of Johnson road at Lake Park
Boulevard intersection.  Originally a $4,000,000 70-acre
housing project sponsored by the Northeast Conference of the
Methodist Church.  
Sebring Trucking Company
Operated a large fleet of trucks  of long hauls, in and out of
Telephone Service
The first long distance line was constructed between
July 7, 1899.
Water Department
The first water main was laid September 8, 1899.  It
while a pony engine furnishes the pumping power.  
Being on top the ground was considered a huge
advantage over a dug line.  It saves digging, is easily
repaired and in case of fire, it could be lifted right on
top of the burning building.  The first water came from
Democratic Party
There was a sharp shortage of democrats in Sebring.  
During the time of Mayor Dick Albright, John Williams
held the distinction of being the village's only member
of the party.  When ballots were printed for elections,
there weren't enough Democrats for the opposition.  In
desperation, some Republicans agreed to be called
Democrats for the occasion and ran in opposition to
their fellow Republicans.  
Sebring Parks
Almost half a century passed before the Sebring
Memorial Park came into being.  It was the brain child
of the Junior Chamber of Commerce and the funds were
the village in 1948.   The Sebring brothers also didn't
foresee the need of a village square.  Consequently there
is no ground for memorials or monuments.  This has
been alleviated by the dedication of the corner of 15th
street and Oregon Avenue.  The Schreckengost family
has graciously provided a small park with a gazebo for
Quality at low cost store for the entire family
Sebring Hardware and Plumbing Company
Before buying, wee the refrigerator with the magic
freezer shelf.  Corner of Ohio and 15th.
Merrick Auto Sales
Complete Service for the car.  Pontiac sales and service
Famous Delicatessen
Ice Cream and Your Deli needs.  North 15th
Leader Lunch
Regular meals, short orders, home cooking- we make
our own pies- no beer but real meals, we cater to
Sebring Bowling Alleys
Continuous alleys, 6 billiard tables, candy, cigars,
lunch, ice cream
Elliott Motor Company
Carl Handy, Prop.  General repairing, auto accessories
and that good Shell Gas and Oil
J. W. Hoopes Ice and Coal
Lucy's Eat-O-Rama
Hoop's Ice House
Nell's Restaurant
Plate lunch 25 cents.  Hot meat sandwiches, 10 cents.  
Home made pies and cakes.  Particular food for
particular people.
Merry-Mirth Frocks
corner of Maryland and 15th.  Frocks to suit the
South side Market
Groceries and meats.  Roxy H. Palermo.  127 South
15th street.
Manhattan Company Cleaners
Sebring Dry Cleaning Company
Quality Cleaning
The Griffith company
Men, come in and get measured for your spring suit.  We
fit you from top to toe.
Hazen's Drug Store
$1.00 package shaving cream full lb., and a pkg of 5
blades for 49 cents.
Sunday's Shoe Shop
We guarantee our work.
Tom Erb's Service Station
Tires and tubes, batteries, accessories.  107 W. Ohio
Morrow's Home Bakery
Home made baked goods, ice cream.
McBride's Beauty Shop
Permanents, Croquignoles $4, Hair cutting, marcelling,
hot oil treatments.  424 S. 15th street
Eden's Green Houses
Say it with Flowers.  Buy where they grow.
Julia's Beauty Shop
Poulaillon's Greenhouse
Say it with Flowers
Buy where they grow
H. R. Ewing
First attorney in Sebring
Steve's Restaurant, aka The Lounge
Had been used as a sheep shed, school, clothing store,
sodas, sundaes, milk shakes, ice cream for all occasions
Coffman and Yothers
Furniture and Philco Radios
Billy Jones Barber Shop, 1900

Located in the building that is now Ashton's 5 and 10.
Ashton's 5 and 10
Owned by Doris and Raymon Scott
Pride of workmanship and pride of service.  Give an
electrical appliance.  Electricity is the cheapest and most
helpful commodity that you have delivered to your home.  
When you consider that you can make toast for the entire
family for 1/2 cent, properly refrigerate your food for 5 cents
a day, operate an electric heater in the bathroom for 2 cents an
hour- in fact a dime a day will supply the average American
family with all the convenience of electricity- it all goes to
show how cheap electricity really is.
Barbers of Sebring
H. L. McConnell
George V. Boyle
Victor Herold
Headquarters for Martha Washington, Hollingsworth,
Shoots and Whitman's Candies
Eddie Howell's
Stop at Eddie's for a Bowl of Hot Soup
Shulie's Watches
Elgin, Hamilton, Waltham Illinois $14.85-$60.00  We
give you a discount
Hardy Mfg. Co.
We can rebuild the frame work in your auto
Green's Economy Store
Women's zippers and gators, Get yours Now!  Four
women's fur trimmed coats greatly reduced
Stackhouse and Company Groceries
Brantingham Feed Store
Parmer Brothers Restaurant and
D. I. Miller, Livery
Buckeye Drug
Elias Flenniken Confectionery Store, 1909
James Elliott, clerk

Division of the Grief Bros. Cooperage Corporation.  
Manufacturers of Slack Cooperage, barrels, tierces, casks,
corrugated fibre boxes.
Bert's Service Station
Blue Sunoco Gas and Oils, Corner of Johnson and Ohio
Sebring Dry Cleaning Company
262 North 15th
Steve's Restaurant and Town Tavern
Julia's Beauty Shoppe
Julia Haberland, owner.  We specialize in finger waves and
Sebring Cut-Rate Market
Quality Meats, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Our foods score with everyone
Schneider Service Station
Canfield Gas and Oil, car washing, lubrication brake
relining, painting, battery recharging.  Corner of Johnson and
West Ohio.
Tanner's Grocery
Fancy Groceries, Quality Meats
Watson's Service Station
D. C. Israel
Complete Grocery and Meat Market, Beloit Ohio
Gould batteries, Mobil gas and oil
30 S. 15th street
W. L. Grueggeman
Variety Store
Sebring Recreation

Albert Leighton, Proprietor
Bowling alleys, beer and lunch
Coffman Furniture Store
Furniture, rugs, linoleum
Shadyside Service Station
State Route 14, North Benton, Ohio
Tea Pot dome
John S. Malmsberry, Prop.
Sebring Alliance Road
Atlantic products, wholesale and retail accessories
tires and batteries
Gilbert Ostermeier
Diamonds, watches, jewelry, expert repair service.
Calderone's Tavern
Beer, Wine, Lunches, Cigarettes
Tamar B. Thumm
Real estate, Own a home and cease to roam.
100 South 15th Street
Olin R. Shoar
General Insurance Agency
256 North 15th Street
Mahoning Valley Dairy
L. H. Glass, Manager
Ice Cream, Pasteurized milk, swiss cheese
Route 62
Turner's Gift Shop
Flowers for all occasions, gifts and infants wear
287 North 15th Street
Reid and Arri
Gifts and stationery
Campbell's IGA Store
Groceries, meats
Mary's Beauty Salon
Mary Gaither, Proprietor
It it can be curled, we'll curl it.
280 North 15th Street
Sebring Motor Company
tires, batteries, accessories, lubrication repair
Palermo Lunch
Beer, liquor, wines, lunches, short orders
133 north 15th street
McGraw's Lunch
Sandwiches, soft drinks, candy
Sebring Restaurant
Good foods, complete dinners, short orders
Eastham's Foods
Lawson's Dairy Store, Moe Simpson, Manager
C and P Super Market
On the Square, Birds Eye frozen foods
We deliver
E. A. Irwin Lumber Company
All kinds of building material, coal and mill work, Beloit
Barclay Machine Company
Hartley's Pure Oil
Lubrication, washing, tires, batteries, accessories
Corner of 14th and Ohio
J. W. Hoopes
Stark Transit Station
Ice and Coal
Merle B. Erb
Gulf Service Station
Tires, batteries, accessories, lubrication, car washing and
simonizing.  Monthly car service
133 W. Ohio Avenue
Wilson Brothers Market
Home dressed meats
Always the Healthiest
J. W. Kistler
Sam Katzenstein
The Carpet Man
E. J. Erig
Ed. Lerch

Beazel & Davis

Jacob Myers

B. O. Emmons

Confectionery and Restaurant

Shoe Maker
Zepernick's Furnishing

246 N. 15th Street
A & P
Ross P. Joseph worked in the A&P in Sebring during the
1920s and 1930s. The picture was taken in 1925. The Atlantic
and Pacific [A&P] was a large grocery chain throughout the
Zep's Drive-Thru was founded in 1980 by Kenneth Dairy
building. In 1983 Zep's Pizza was started in the addition at
the back of the building. The drive-Thru was sold to Bob
and Greg Rockwell in 1989 and Zep's Pizza was sold to
Jeff and Dorothy Votaw in 2002.
Tausch's Restaurant
Family operated restaurant across from Allen's Furniture on
the corner of 15th and Pennsylvania Ave.  Owners were
Charles and Rose Tausch who bought it and operated it for
25 years.  Sold to Don Conny and then eventually torn
down.  Typical meal was Roast beef, mashed potatoes,
vegetable, bread, butter, and coffee for 85 cents.
One was located next to the railroad tracks on 15th street.  
It was owned and operated by John Copacia.  Other
services have came and went.

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