The original reason for Beatrice Miller, William Hebenstreit and John Briggs starting the Royal China was to produce advertising premiums.  
Thus the use of their 1950's underglaze patterns as premiums was simply a continuation of what they had originally started out to do.  Prior to
starting the Royal in June 1934, Bea Miller and Bill Hebenstreit worked for National Publicity Corporation, a company out of Nebraska that
purchased items to be used as advertising premiums and then resold them to the companies that would offer them.  By starting their own pottery
to manufacture ware for use as premiums, they simply eliminated the middle man, so to speak.
Premiums have been used by many product manufacturers and retail stores through the years as an enticement to get customers to buy their
products or patronize their stores.  The way premiums often worked was that a company would offer a set of something- ie. dinnerware or
silverware- to customers for patronizing their stores or buying their products.  Each week or month, if a customer bought a product or spent a
certain amount at a store, they would either receive or could purchase at a reduced price a particular piece of the set.  Thus, by being loyal to a
store or product, they could complete the set.   Many of the popular underglaze Royal China patterns of the 1950's (Currier & Ives, Blue
Willow, Colonial Homestead, Old Curiosity Shop, etc.)  were used as premiums in this manner.  The place that I most associate with using
these patterns as premiums is A&P market.  Each month, A&P would offer a different piece of the set to customers who spent over a set dollar
amount in their stores.  I'm sure others used these patterns as premiums but, again, A&P is the one I most remember.
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