The French-Saxon China Company
Sebring Ohio Historical Society
126 North 15th Street
Sebring, Ohio 44672
in the mid-1930's.  Decals were added in the late 1930's.  Some sources state that the name Rancho
was used on some of the colored pieces.  Marks are 'French Saxon China Co. Sebring, Ohio',
'National Brotherhood of Co-operative Potteries', ' French Saxon China', on a shield and a helmet
Formerly called Saxon China. Saxon was founded in 1911.  Made semi-porcelain china.  In 1916 became part of the their
individual names.  The Sebring Manufacturing Corp. joined the American Chinaware Corp. in 1929, to try to avert the
depreession.  The American Chinaware Corp. failed in 1931, and Both French China and Saxon China were gone by 1932.
The Saxon plant was purchased from
Oliver H. Sebring in 1934 by W. Vern Oliver for $1,000.  He then combined the failed
French And Saxon China companies, and renamed it the French Saxon pottery.  The buildings were greatly updated. By
1949, it employed 380 people to make dinnerware He  Purchased by
Royal China and Bea Miller on April 4, 1964.  Later
made semi-vitreous ironstone dinnerware.  Started production of china in November, with sixteen employees.  At its peak,
it could produce 600 dozen pieces of ware per hour.
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Marlene Galluze
According to Oldetyme,
1899 founded as the French China Company
1916 became part of the Sebring Manufacturing Co along with Strong Manufacturing and Saxon China
(founded 1911). All 3 plants retained their individual names
1929 the Sebring group joined the American Chinaware Corporation
1931 the American Chinaware Corporation failed
1932 both French China and Saxon China stopped production
1934 they were combined and re-opened as the French-Saxon China Company
1964 purchased by Royal China Company of Sebring
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