Saxon China Company
Sebring Ohio Historical Society
126 North 15th Street
Sebring, Ohio 44672
See the French China company for additional history.  The Saxon China Company was founded about
September 25, 1911.   Began producing China in 1911 at South 15th Street and Baugh Avenue.  Managed by
Fred Sebring and assistance from Ellsworth Sebring, his brother.   They were  assisted by Harry J.
McMaster, who was the plant superintendent.  
Oliver H. Sebring bought the plant in 1916.  He set up his son
in law, Ray Cliff as manager.  Produced china until 1932.  Sold to
W.V. Oliver  Dr. H. L. Weaver, Dr. W.
G. Sidall and Dr. B.C. Barnard, on April 4,  1934 and reorganized as the French-Saxon China Company by
combining the best of the machinery from the two plants.
According to Oldetyme,
1899 founded as the French China Company
1916 became part of the Sebring Manufacturing Co along with Strong Manufacturing and Saxon China (founded 1911). All 3 plants
retained their individual names
1929 the Sebring group joined the American Chinaware Corporation
1931 the American Chinaware Corporation failed
1932 both French China and Saxon China stopped production
1934 they were combined and re-opened as the French-Saxon China Company
1964 purchased by Royal China Company of Sebring
Photos from
Joanne Penkalski
Photos from Pan Dumler
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