Royal Copley China Company
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The Strand Theatre Museum has the largest single museum collection of Spaulding 's Royal Copley and
Royal Windsor pieces, thanks to a generous donation by Dan Williams.
How to identify Royal Copley
85% of Spaulding China pieces were identified as Royal Copley.  It had either a gold or green stamp or its name
in raised letters on the foot of the product.  Paper labels were attached to almost every item that left the factory,
but most of these have been ruined by time.  Many more were not marked at all.  Royal Copley pieces are pretty,
but lack the definition that characterize more expensive pieces, and were for the most part air brushed by the 35
women assigned to individual painting tasks.  They were sold at Woolworths, Dresges, Grants and Murphys, with
Woolworths being the largest customer.

Records were not kept of individual pieces or patterns.  It is very collectible, with some pieces coming in as many
as five or more different colors.  
Early pieces were stamped in gold with Spaulding China Company.  Others were marked Royal Copley.  Many of
the items were designed to hold water or soil, and this caused staining, crazing or spider webbing.  This can
sometimes be lightened by applying hydrogen peroxide and allowing it to soak on the area in a plastic bag

Birds were among the most popular figures, it is estimated that about 500 dozen birds were made each day.  They
sold at chain stores starting at 25 cents retail, having arrived at the store for around 15 cents each.  Currently, the
more embellished and large items are selling for $50-150!

According to
Royal Copley by Leslie C. and Marjorie A. Wolfe, pages 19-20 there are 11 distinguishing clues to
identify Copley:

1.  Most Royal Copley is characterized by brilliant color combinations and sparkling designs.
2.  If the item appears to be cheap and gaudy one can be reasonably sure it is not Royal Copley.
3.  All color and decoration is under the glaze.
4.  Never is Royal Copley more than two mold.
5.  If an item, for its size, is thin and very light in weight, it is most likely an import or the product of some other
6.  If a bird is heavy, glazed inside and out, and only of one color it is not a genuine piece of Royal Copley.
7.  Most of the birds with the exception of the ducks and chickens seem to be associated in some way with a tree
stump, limb or knot hole.
8.  Most Royal Copley is characterized by detail and novelty of design.  Many human and animal faces are found
on figurines, planters, and wall pockets.
9.  The presence of parallel runners or ridges on the bottom of many of the items are very important clues that a
piece might be Royal Copley.
10.  Copley birds do not have totally and specifically painted on toes or beaks.  Beaks tend to be the same color
as the body of the bird.
11.  Most Royal Copley pieces have glazed bottoms as they were fired with ridges or runners on the item base.  
However, many Copley items have unglazed bottoms.  If a Copley item has an unglazed bottom, it is usually
hollow all the way through or has a hole or holes in the center of the base.
1941-1957.  Created by the Spaulding China Company.  Morris Feinberg was president of operations.
The motto of the shop was 'Gift shop merchandise at chain store prices'.  About 85% of what was made at
Spaulding was labeled Royal Copley.
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