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In April, 1898, work began on the factories, stores and homes that would become
known as "Sebring."  The Sebring brothers, their parents (
George and Elizabeth),
and their sisters each built beautiful
potteries at one time employed approximately 3,300 workers. The Sebring
pottery industry flourished for many years.  At one time Sebring was known as the
"Pottery Capital of The World."
From these beginnings Sebring has remained a small town.  Although only a few
pottery "decorating" firms still remain, other types of manufacturers have located
here. Sebring is hopeful that others will discover, as the Sebring brothers did, that
Sebring is "the most elevated and healthful tableland of our state."
Sebring, Ohio  was founded by the Sebring family from East Liverpool. They owned
and operated many
pottery businesses. The Sebring family dreamed of building their
own pottery town that would  stand as a memorial to their work and ideals.  They
decided upon an area in Mahoning County, 80 miles west of Pittsburgh and five
miles east of Alliance.  They chose 200 acres of farmland near the Mahoning River
that was near a railroad line.  Later, a 160 acre tract was added.   Articles of
Incorporation were filed in  1899.
Our Sebring Founders
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The Sebring Ohio Historical Society was founded in 1988.  Daphne Cannell and
Dery Zeppernick were the Co-Founders. Many others were also instrumental in
getting the society started.
By 1989, the Charter and the By-Laws were written, and the Society had began.
Ceramics from the various potteries, newspaper items, old photographs and other
items from an earlier Sebring were donated.
Strand Theatre building was donated to the Society by Greg New in 1990.    The
theatre is used as a museum and for exhibition space.  In 2003, the Strand Theatre
marquee was restored to circa 1940's and the building obtained a new roof.  Starting
in 2003, after a generous donation from Lynne and Dennis Biery and  years of fund
raising and personal donations, the inside of the building was renovated into a
museum that now showcases Sebring's Pottery and local history.
membership is now at about 225.  With the support of the community, we have a
 wonderful museum emphasizing our pottery heritage.
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